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JADE MIKELL – Quaintrelle

By Trish Suess“Quaintrelle”, Jade’s first show in the gallery, curated by Roberta Pagdin and Barbara Mullin; is a collection of cohesive works including new works in oils and ink, and naturalistic styles in ink, that represent the feminine experience in all its forms. Jade has developed a style, based on her observations and reflections on what it means to be “feminine” in society today. The name “Quaintrelle”, carefully chosen, is based on a French descriptor from the 1920’s, a time when a woman “stood out” for being unique.

Today, Jade’s diverse works including abstract expressions of the feminine form, strive to break down stereotypes of body image, validating the diversity of the human feminine expression. Jade’s own identity has prompted her to want to expand the current visual arts images of the “demure thin white woman” and include persons with diverse body types, disabilities and racial diversity. Jade, who has autism, began to “draw her experiences” as a way

of communicating at an early age.
Lovingly supported by her family,
Jade’s prolific art has flourished. At
present, within the realm of social
media, Jade has added poetry,
writing and blogging as additional
means to articulate her expanding
views on racial experience, feminine
stigmatization and disability.
Art is a continuation of family
tradition in the Callahan home.
Jade’s great grandfather, Kenneth
Callahan, referred to as one of the
“Pacific Mystics”, was well-known
as a Pacific Northwest painter
and curator of the Seattle Art
Museum. Jade has developed a
style that captures elements of her
grandfather’s art within the world of
her contemporary interests.
The simple beauty of her unique
paintings, combined with her love
of natural elements to be displayed
in the gallery, promise visitors a
glimpse into the social consciousness
of a young woman with a future in
the arts.

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