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Project Description

Memories of Denman Islanders Circa the 1920s-1960s

The museum’s oral history documentary, featuring seniors recalling their memories of life on Denman in the 1920-1960 period, got a sold out premiere two months ago. Many who were unable to attend in April have requested a second showing, and so now it will be featured again on Saturday, June 30 at the Activity Centre, this time in the lounge, as we anticipate a smaller audience than the two hundred who attended last time. Ten pioneer Denman residents are interviewed in “Looking Back”. They share their memories of times good and not so good: going to school, being part of an evolving community, and making a living back in the days before electricity, a regular ferry system, and other conveniences that Islanders now take for granted. … For those who would like a permanent souvenir, we also have a few copies left of the video which will be on sale on June 30 at the modest price of $10, the proceeds of which will be used for further oral history work at the Museum. We ordered 100 copies of the video as a fund raiser, and are delighted that we have already sold 80 to

“LOOKING BACK” RETURNS To the Activity Centre June 30

We are looking forward to “looking back” once again June 30th! Please join us at 2:30 pm in the Lounge of the Activity Centre to see “Looking Back: Memories of Denman Islanders, 1920-1960”. Admission by donation. And please note: the museum opens the next day on July 1st with a special exhibition on the Denman Island Peace movement over the years. Come out and view this piece of our history

By Claire King